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ENDE 2017

INTERSTELLAR HUMANS |  In our latest release of jewelry we aim to capture expansive concepts with visual language to tell the stories of legendary women who have influenced positive change through creativity and discovery. The women we have chosen to highlight in our 2017 Collection, have inspired and perpetuated greatness within our communities and we honor and celebrate them through our work. 

HIGH QUALITY, STRIKING, BOLD |  Rooted deep in the philosophy of our work is the concept that high quality is essential, which is why our handmade jewelry will survive decades and centuries, not days and months. We've taken the ancient process of metal casting and streamlined our designs to last just as long as the legacy in which the pieces are named after, By pairing strikingly bold shapes and architectural structures with handcrafted precision, we communicate strength and elegance in one.

OUR 2017 RELEASE | We propose an approach to jewelry that sparks the creative process and inspires active play. Through our work we encourages self discovery and empowerment, all while celebrating the creative power of humans.