Daily Wear

Ende Collective jewelry is made using high quality .925 sterling silver. Because sterling silver is an alloy made using copper, it has a natural tendency to oxidize. To keep oxidations at a minimum, avoid direct application of oil and water based products (serums, make-ups, lotions, fragrances, and cooking oils). Abstain from direct contact with water and remove jewelry while swimming or bathing.

To keep your jewelry looking beautiful and reflective, limit contact with other hard surfaces and metals to avoid scratching and dulling.


For cleaning at home, we recommend using polishing cloths that are non-abrasive to wipe away debris. To reinvigorate the reflective qualities of your metal,  use the red buffing cloth provided by EC at time of purchase.

After long periods of time, professional cleaning is advised. Most jewelry stores will place your jewelry in an ultra-sonic and steam your piece at no extra charge.


Of course you won't want to take your piece off. However, in the event you need to, please use the traveling pouch provided at purchase for storing your jewelry.